About Brusnika

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Brusnika is a real estate developer founded in Tyumen, Siberia back in 2004. With offices in Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Tyumen, Surgut, Kurgan, Omsk and Moscow the company became one of the best region’s developers in Russia according to developer attractiveness rating from Expert RA. In 2023 Brusnika confirmed A-(RU) credit rating from ACRA and NKR, the two largest credit rating agencies in the country. Also Brusnika is the first Russian developer to achieve the BREEAM «Excellent» certificate for a residential building.

We see development as an ongoing process of transforming living space and the city itself. For us every detail that can make people’s lives better is important. This idea is the core of the daily conscientious labour of our employees.

More than 2 000 employees in 8 regions
7 000 apartments sold annually

The long-term strategy of Brusnika is aimed at strengthening the leading positions regarding the quality of our product and keeping a good reputation among our customers. The company constantly develops internal research in the field of new materials, modern flexible production facilities and methods of digital management of the building site.

We are proud of the cities where we build

Brusnika is a company with branches in Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Tyumen, Surgut, Kurgan, Omsk and Moscow. The developer continues to form a land bank in the regions and maintains a priority for the territories in central Russia.

We are engineers and builders

For more than 19 years, our experts have been studying ways to create an optimal environment for life. Our work covers all significant stages in the design and construction of a house, as well as daily operations after the commissioning of a building.

Brusnika`s team are clever and caring people who complement each other, follow professional ethics and improve our product on a daily basis. To develop core competencies, three divisions have been created in the company.

Designing houses
“Brusnika. Design"

We believe in a balance of simplicity of modern technical solutions and contemporary design. Our goal is to integrate relevant engineering and architectural solutions into all our products.

General contractor
“Brusnika. Development”

Since we control our costs and quality and constantly develop best management practices in the construction industry, it is important for us to make our construction sites an exemplar of best construction practices and safety. We build on time.

Housing management
“Brusnika. Apartment management”

The joy of living in our houses is the main indicator of quality for us. Our goal is to ensure the longevity of all constructions, maintain cleanliness and aesthetics, manage energy efficiency of homes and promote the principles of good neighborliness.